Rental E-Commerce

Rental customers now have the option to browse rental assets online. Gone are the days of fielding calls about pricing and availability. Customers can go online and request a rental reservation. The ability to display descriptions, specifications and pictures, make the rental shopping experience quick and easy to select the equipment they need.

Real Time Rental Rates and Availability

  • Rental rates are displayed and available to the customer
  • Used equipment can be listed on site for customer to view and request more information
  • Photos with descriptions make it easy for the customer to browse the rental fleet
  • Including unlimited content such as specifications, manuals and videos

Display Individual Used Equipment Items For Sale

  • Highlight pieces of equipment listed for sale
  • Specifications, attributes and estimated price available online

Reservation Requests

  • Reservation Requests are tracked in integraRental¬†
  • Customer requests for reservation will be reviewed by management and categorized accept/reject¬†
  • If accepted, the request for reservation will be converted into a rental reservation and customer will be notified

Select Rental Locations

  • Customer will select rental location from the Bing Maps prompt
  • Once the location has been selected, customer can view and reserve equipment from this location

Mobile Enabled

  • Users can browse rental assets and request information from their mobile device
  • Customers can access information on the go anytime of the day

Sell More

Lower Costs

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Errors

Gat Paid Faster